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What humans had done and doing to other animals

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Do you think humans did no harm to other animals? Do you think humans only made animals become endangered and not extinct? Well, you are wrong. People did the worst damage done to other animals.

You might think that extinction happens very slowly over the years, but it is not. The extinct rate is about 1000 times more rapid than usual. About 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammals go extinct in 24 hours! Th cause is......Humans. There were five major mass extinctions before humans existed. The fifth one happened when dinosaurs went extinct. Scientists say that humans are the cause of the in the sixth major mass extinction. This is serious because a lot of essential species' numbers are lowering. For example, honey bees are endangered, so that can lead to lessening of crops like almonds, apples, and cucumbers. That is because bees are responsible for pollinating about 250,000 species of plants including almonds, apples, and cucumbers.

There are four major issues humans make. First, pollution, second, overfishing, third, overhunting, and last, deforestation.

The first and worst, pollution is a nightmare to animals. Worse, pollution occurs everywhere. That means that all of the other animals are living in a everlasting nightmare. The pollution is so bad that the non-countable word 'pollution' is bad enough to be 'pollutions'. he reason why pollution is so bad is because the effects of pollution effects other animals' habitat and the animals themselves.

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