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How and why a species get endangered and extinct and what to do about it

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Did you know that many species got and getting endangered and extinct? Well, there are several reasons why and how extinction occurs and most of these reasons are because of us, humans.

Natural way that a species can get extinct

There are a lot of ways how a species can get endangered. One way is natural. When climate changes, like when the meteor crashed, the Earth became very cold. If a species can’t adapt or find a way to survive, they die off. Animals are not as intelligent as humans are, so they usually die until there are no animals from that species. One more example is when the Ice age started. Mammoths evolved to survive, but they died off as the Earth became warmer.

More reasons are:

  • We are making plastic, which contains dangerous chemicals and plankton and other fish eats it.

  • If the plastic is in the ground, it goes to landfills, which is toxic nevertheless and it will pollute the ground then into the sea.

  • Humans are destroying trees, which leads to animal dying because of lack of food and shelter.

  • Humans are over fishing.

  • Humans are hunting down animals and killing animals for FUN, and killing big animals like gorillas, deer, or elephants, can be ILLEGAL, but people still do that.

Not only people do that, people do things that is the main cause of extinction.

First, pollution causes climate change. Climate change is critical to animals because animals can’t adapt or evolve that fast. As it is written before, mammoths evolved to survive, but they died off as the Earth became warmer, but it is not mammoths that are the victim, it is other animals.

Second, overpopulation causes overfishing and overhunting, which is also wrong and is the reason why the famous dodo birds go extinct. There are more effects of hunting. If one species of a food chain goes extinct, then the whole food chain collapses. If an animal goes extinct, the prey proliferates. Then, they devour the food and that die because the food didn’t have time to reproduce. Next, other species that eat that prey or the prey’s food go extinct because they are all gone. The cycle goes on and on until the food chain grows into the food web, and the whole environment dies. Oh, and that includes humans as well.

Third, overpopulation also causes people to need more space. That causes deforestation. Deforestation is awful because when humans chop down trees, baby birds fall and then die. That is not all. People chop down trees and leave the bare ground. Then, animals who used to live there, die because there is no place to live.

So you know that here are lots of animals that are endangered and getting endangered, please help by subscribing and emailing to this address: and what to do now that you know you need to help animals and plants. lease spread this message. Please help animals and plants!

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